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Designed to design products, apps, websites, brandings, interactions and experiments.

Currently Designer at Catalog.

Sometimes I'm working with 3drops and Fluorescent.

Previously I've been working with ButtonUNIT9, Netguru, VKNGS and Literistic.

If you would like to get in touch with me, here are the possible ways to do that via Twitter, or LinkedIn.

A few testimonials from my clients I had the pleasure to work with


"Self reliant, organised and highly motivated, Damian fulfil UX/UI role with a wide range of expertise and skills. he is able to communicate fluently with any stakeholder, he takes ownership and try to understand reasons behind his design choices. Damian is a mature person that can easily work for any kind of Tech company."

Toto Castiglione

Deputy Product Design Manager of Netguru


"Damian is an extremely competent and professional designer who works quickly, diligently, and is a pleasure to work with. I plan to work with Damian for as long as he's capable of resisting the inevitable job offers."

Liam Sarsfield

Founder of Fluorescent


"We were looking for valuable feedback, and Damian met our needs perfectly. I would recommend him for any design-related topics."

Ivan Zhao

Founder of Notion


"Damian is a hugely ambitious, hard-working, and super talented designer. His work ethic, process, and the care he puts into his projects shine through in the final product, which has been consistently outstanding. I couldn't recommend him more!"

Tim 'Hilton' Yzermans

Chief of Staff at Copper